Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pre-Christmas madness

We've been getting ready for Christmas these past few weeks and boy, it's been busy! Lots of family parties (2 more to go), tons of shopping (we are now very poor), too much junk food from neighbors, and lots of wrapping to do.

We got up one of our two Christmas trees (my parents gave us there old one, so now we have two fake ones.) and a few decorations, and hopefully we'll get up more before the big day.

This is also the tree :D

Present making prep, aka a giant mess of our table.

Chocolate covered cherry mice I made to bring to my dad's side of the family Christmas party.

So cute!

I was surprised how easy and quick these were to make. I'm making white mice for the Thacker party.

My "waste of time" (per Steven)

I got this loopy metal rod at Pier 1 years ago on clearance for a few bucks. I wasn't sure what to use it for, but found it works perfect for Christmas cards!

Our Christmas tree train

I found these hanging frames at the thrift store, painted them and stuck them all over our tree with pictures of us and our family.

My family grew up with these little chocolate Christmas countdowns. I bought one for us to try. Super cheap chocolate (read: gross), but fun none the less.

Not bad for Clearance ribbon, leftover wedding decorations and all a dollar and thrift store decorations!

I've been keeping all of Steven's gifts in a box in our family room. I had to make a note so he wouldn't peek:

And what's Christmas without a little fruitcake! I personally love the stuff.

Off to wrap more presents!

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