Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Logan trip & stay at the Anniversary Inn

Or as Steven would call it, our 6 month anniversary trip. Yeah, I WISH every six months we could do something this extravagant to celebrate our marriage! 
Steven won a one night stay at the anniversary inn through his work. We opted for the Logan location, even though Salt Lake has two locations. Logan's Inn is much newer, HUGE rooms and is just cooler :)

Right before we entered the canyon, we could see the spires of the Brigham city temple so we decided to go look at the temple in progress. Right across the street is the Logan tabernacle. Gorgeous building a a really neat history.

We walked over and got a good look at the temple. Both Steven and I thought it looked very much like the Salt Lake temple, but with only two spires. Also, the stone was very white.

They had all the fences filled with pine tree sticks (?) for privacy. Kinda weird, but festive for Christmas I guess.

 On our way back we played in the leaves. Well, Steven did. I just collected them.

 They were huge!

Main street Brigham city has huge trees  lining the whole road. It was beautiful.

                                                   The lonely canyon up to Logan

 We stopped at a D.I. in Logan and browsed a bit (it's our "thing"), had a fabulous huge dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then went off to the hotel.

Our room at the Anniversary Inn! The Taj Mahal!

If you'd like to see a tour of the room I did, here's a movie

We were greeted with cider, truffles and cookies.

Oh, and cold water and Cheesecake :)

A little makeup nook for me.

Our fabulous tub with a TV and us enjoying our cider right before hopping in the tub.

                                                        We had a huge Shower too!

You can see where our priorities lie...

The staircase up to our bed.

King sized "My comfort" bed. The most comfortable bed I've EVER slept in!

The view from our bed.

Nothing like breakfast in bed :)

 This figurine in our room perfectly shows how we felt the whole trip. With our basement flooding a 2nd time this year, work stresses (mostly Steven, I have a great job), and just hectic life, we really needed this getaway to just breathe. It was bliss!

Saturday morning we woke up to snow. Wasn't expecting that! thankfully by the time we made it to the temple it stopped snowing. We did an endowment session and both of us got to be in the Logan temple for the first time. We were very glad we went. Steven even saw our friend Logan there!

After the temple we wanted to change, so we camped out in a deserted church parking lot and somehow managed to change out of our church clothes into some snow-compatible ones. Then it was off to the bluebird Diner on Main street. My great grandmother's family used to own/run this place when she was little (she was born in 1904 I think), and she even lived in the upstairs part that is now converted to more dining area.

Cute old-fashioned bar/soda fountain

They also have the bluebird candy factory and sell some of the candy here. We bought some caramels for the drive home.

A very large building, ornate, but super reasonable prices and huge helpings!

We went to an antique shop on our drive out, stopped for some hot chocolate and started home. We had so much fun! We even bought a bounce back certificate for the Inn to come back and do more here in Logan for our one year anniversary. So that was our trip!


  1. What beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. That room is gorgeous. Why didn't you bring the zen froggy home to me?!?

  2. Oh and the Mtn Dew made me laugh...loudly!

  3. we love logan! that's where brandon and i met you know... :) i'm so glad you got to get away and have a great stress free weekend. has it already been six months?? time flies! your room looked amazing, how fun that you're planning on going back in another six months!

  4. We're going to the logan one in March. We're so excited. We kinda missed our anniversary because of the bubs...

  5. Looks like y'all had a great time! That room is amaaaazing!