Sunday, October 11, 2009

Utah State Fair 2009

This year Mom, me, Rachel, Michelle & Miles went to the state fair together. It was a stinking hot day, but we enjoyed it anyway :)

The first attraction of the day welcomed us no later than the moment we parked the car. What kind of twisted person gives the handicapped people a giant puddle for their parking? Are they trying to make them MORE handicapped by having them slip and slide around in the mud? We just thought it was a funny.

Next stop, HORTICULTURE! My favorite! I love seeing the perfect flowers and vegetables.

Rachel and her cynical smile. This is what I get when I tell her to say cheese.

Dahlia's! So perfect!

A rose is a rose..

We saw the alligator show, if you can call it that. The handler did more moving around than the gator. Plus it was a dinky gator. Fight a full grown one, and I'll be impressed :)

"Mmm, I smell man flesh!!"

I call this one, "E.T. phone home"

We brought our lunch in with us, and this guy could smell it. Miles kept watch though.

And what trip to the fair would be complete without seeing the butter sculptures! mmm, butter....

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