Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swiss Days & Farmer's Market

I always forget to put pictures on here after I've posted them on facebook. I wish I could upload to both with the click of a button. But alas, no one has created such a convenient thing.

A couple weeks ago My mom, Michelle, Miles, Rachel and I went to the farmers market downtown. Miles got lots of exercise and we saw lots of cool things at each booth.

We stopped by Waffles & Frites, a belgium waffle & fries shop, and afterwards walked around downtown. Miles liked the pig :)

Tony Caputo's was conveniently across the street so we made a quick stop there as well. It's very similar to Granato's (our favorite italian sandwhich/deli shop) but on a larger (and more expensive) scale.

They had some interesting finds I thought worthy of posting.

Can you say aye carumba? Look at that price folks. Truffles better taste AMAZING for that price.

Later in the month we went to Swiss Days. We mostly go for the "craft" ideas, so I didn't take many pictures. On the drive home we spotted this house and stopped for a picture. It's nestled on a beautiful country road, out in the middle of nowhere. And check out the roof shingles!

I LOVED the gate in front. It was like a painting I tell you. I wish I knew a good mason who could build this for me. LOVE LOVE LVOE it. It would be perfect for my garden.

The one "idea" from swiss days I thought I'd post. So naughty, yet hilarious!

Toby exemplifying how I felt after both of these outings. This is one of his sleeping spots. Pillow and all. So spoiled.


  1. Sheesh. You need to take me places like that. I like going and doing stuff like that, but Brian doesn't. Stupid boys...

  2. I like the clock...... I want to know where to get one of those, honestly, btw... did you know jourdan is engaged?