Friday, April 24, 2009

Long time no post eh?

I guess my lack of posting has induced people into dreaming about a new post. I'm glad to oblige!
I've been taking pictures and writing down stuff to blog all month, but just haven't found the time to actually type it all up. I finally have some time! There are about 4 posts all in a row, so make sure to scroll down and see them all!

First on the list we have Girls Night! Yay Tony, just what you wanted to read! Lol. I'm kidding, kidding. I will get garden pictures up when actually have something cooler to look at than 2" tall seedlings in piles of dirt. Promise.

Onto girls night! A bunch of us have just started a monthly girl's night where we have dinner/movie/games/etc. This month we combined it with Kristi's & my birthday because they're both in April. We all met at Jocelyn's house and had BBQ'd Chicken, salads, rolls, pop and chips for dinner. Then we had Cake (that Jocelyn made, yes it was good! tee hee! :) and ice cream and They sang to Kristi and me. Then we played a fun game of MadGab for a while.

Then the craziness started. Charades!!!!! Not just any charades either. We made up our own subjects for eachother. It was GREAT!

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  1. yay I missed you!!! I love reading about your life... :D