Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy birthday to me, I'm 23!

The dreaded day came and went, I'm a year older and wiser (HA!)

Here's my beautimus cake in all it's candled glory. Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen decorated by Rachel

you know you're old when your cake lights up a whole room

Notice anything different? I lightened my hair and CUT it!!

HAHAHAH!!! Gotcha! I just lightened it actually. I swore I would never cut it short again. I hate it short. So all you get is the color and the new sweep. I had it pulled behind my sholders so it wouldn't catch fire. I used a lot of hair spray that day, and wasn't taking any chances.

One of my many gifts, "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. I borrowed Shell's (Wright)book a while ago(years maybe?) because she said it was good. I absolutely LOVED it! More than twilight even. Rachel was a peach and got this for me. I love it! I stayed up all night the day after my birthday and read it. Going one night without sleep so you can read a book like this cover to cover is SO worth it!

Michelle & Lema's gift packaged perfectly as usual. They got me an iPOD radio transmitter so I can listen to my ipod in the car without any chords. I use it almost everyday! You should all get one.

Randy Taught Miles how to stick his tongue out at people. He's doing it back at Randy in this picture. Such a funny kid!

RAchel had some leftover frosting from the cake and decided to frost herself in some henna type of thing. I know right? She's crazy.

You know it's summer when Ace plays with the hose and gets soaked.

For conference the whole family gets together and has lunch between sessions. This is our bountiful feast of sandwich meat, cheese, veggies and fruit. YUMMY! Just a pain to prepare is all. Lots of chopping!


  1. so as I was scrolling up to the picture where you were holding the cake.. it took me a minute to realize that you were not your mom... not taht you look old you just look a whole lot like her with your hair lightened..

  2. Um, that's a little scary I think. I look like her that much?

  3. Ok I have to say: fun post, fun pics, LOVE the HAIR, and that is SUCH a cool idea to put candles sideways on cake--I've never thought of that but it makes sense!!