Monday, February 11, 2008

Going to the D.I. today with my mom. Should be interesting. We are both really good at finding treasures amongst the junk. Maybe more stuff to sell? We'll See.

k, so the new Ashley Simpson song, "Rule Breaker" is dumb. No melody, no structure. Just annoying repetative talking. Almost like pointless rap. Don't listen to it. Or worse buy it like I did online. Waste of a dollar. "Outta my head" is better. I actually like that one.

Do you every sit and listen to Justin Timberlake's, "What Goes Around" or "Lovestoned" and wonder what ever happened to JT from N'SYNC? Well I do. He was the hottest of them all, best singer, and didn't he write the songs too? Why did Justin get so famous and a single recording deal? We all know what happened to Lance, No one really cared what happened to the other two. But what about my main man JT? Sad really. Listening to music makes my mind triple in production for some reason. I always end up analyzing the chord structure from theory days, critisizing the vocalists' vibrato, and point out when they are flat. Also the wondering about their history, personal lives and such. I can't ever just listen to a song. Kind of annoying.

I went back to choir today after two weeks of absence. I blame the two week long migraines for it. I seemed to be cursed to no end with flippin' migraines. Is their never a cure? Choir was good though. I love singing, love the spirit felt, and Bro. Allen is a hoot as well as several other students who keep it interesting. What I can't stand is when one group, say the tenors, go over a section while we wait for them to get it. I don't mind that, I mind the STUPID SOPRANO WHO NEVER QUITS YAPPING when we have these moments of sectional practice. Some people have no tact and don't know when to shut up. Sheesh. Don't these people have parents? Basic Etiquette? Some times I wish I had a paint ball gun when ever I go into a public place to shoot the onnoying people. It wouldn't kill them, but make them be quiet. and get a good bruise or two to remind them.

Ok, Leaving now to the store.

Happy day! tootles!


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