Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yucky fast food. I'm getting quite sick of it these days. I go places with my mom during the day and she likes stopping for a quick meal. Today we stopped at KFC, and then for dinner we all went as a family to Carl's Jr. I feel like Im on grease overload. Nasty

Pat me on the back and give me a gold sticker- I've been to choir all week (so far) and early every day!! Meaning waking up at 5:30, at SLCC by 6:50. Quite the feat to be proud of I'd say. Tough part is, I had all my parts memorized and ready to perform, when Bro. Allen asks us amazing low altos to make up for lack of tenors and sing tenor. Great. Learn new parts in 3 songs! And the hardest part is, we don't get our parts played out for us. We are expected to figure it out on our own while we sing it a'cappela as a group. fun eh? Thankfully I snuck by a tenor the last two times we sang those songs and I picked out the notes by listening to them. Helped a ton. But I'll be staying up late to work on those songs tonight just to make sure I've got it. I hate not knowing my part when everyone around me does. Got to be on top!!!

Ah, just remebered. The other day I uploaded a bunch (read millions) of new pics on my photo website (link to right). Most of then are additional wedding pictures of Michelle and Lema, but there are a couple of new albums of never before seen Hodgson footage. Take a peek! Some on my facebook albums too.

I got two videos of Ace doing his usual craziness today. I will see if I can upload it here, if it's too big I'll just stick it on the photo site. The first one, He sucks on my blanket like a pacifier. It's his way of going to sleep. Just like a baby. Cute, but nasty when I jump into bed and my blankets are soaking wet. The other one is of his howling. He hates the sound of our phone ringing so he howls to try and get rid of it. My phsyco dog.

Oh! guess what I found at the D.I. today? A 1/8th size violin in a case with a bow! I paid $10 for it. It needs a bridge and an A string, but other than that, perfect condition. I can't decide If I want to give it to Angela for her Baby (Inside joke between us forever), keep it for myself to add to my string instrument collection(making it a grand total of 3), or sell it ebay for $60+ dollars. Thoughts? I'm going to summerhays tomorrow to get the replacement parts. Then I'm going to play it!

Oooh, Oooh, guess what I got yesterday!!! My mom and I went to deseret book in the mall and guess what was in the clearnce section for $19.99? The complete Jane Austin Series in a hardback leather covered edition!! SWEETNESS!!!! GUys would not understand this purchase. Girls, are you jealous yet? The book is about 3 1/2 inches thick. I love it! AND, I had a giftscard for deseret book, plus deseret book rewards club points worth 4 bucks, so I ended up paying $6 for this book! Love it love it love it.

Must be off to bed now. Up at 5:30 again tomorrow and I would prefer to not be a singing/walking zombie all day. Tootles



  1. so... I hate to be the traitor to my sex but... about that jane austin series.... have it... read it... more than once

  2. awesome purchase.

    And awesomer that Tony has it too... :)