Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comments Have Returned!

It's 5:16am and what do you think I'm up to? Blogging of course!!! Before you start slapping my wrist for being up so late, hear me out for my excuse. As you have noticed, ever since I added my personalized template (that took FOREVER to create and perfect) I have been without comments. I tried in vain for several months to read up on HTML, scoured the blogger sphere for help and googled like mad. To no avail sadly. Alas, I had to go with a more basic template that came pre-installed with comments. I've been working on this templaate for the last 2 hours. But I am happy with my adjustments and like the finished product. Very chic I'd say, no? Same links as before except updated EBAY and Photo links.

Have a look see! So far I've sold 2 things on ebay in one week. Sweetness. If you notice any links not working, comment(because you can do that now!) and I'll fix it. Oooh, and did you see the weight loss ticker to the right? 5lbs are gone BABY!! I haven't really been working out(hangs head in shame) but I have been eating super healthy. Tax return is heaven sent in my time of poorness and I've been buying tons of fruit instead of my mothers delicious yet 5,000 calorie meals. The loss has begun! Plus, I bought another scale from walmart yesterday. My other one is dying slowly.

I felt like I was blogging to myself which is fine most of the time, but I miss people talking to me


But the world is now happy with my music widget, comments, lots of links, and femie pretty backround.

I am on the most retarded sleeping schedule this past week (as you can tell). I am a friggin' night owl and I can't get over it. I slept till 3pm saturday, up now until probably 6am and then go to bed. At 6am!!! What is wrong with me!? And of course it gives me migraines and I sleep more and mess it all up again. Not sure what to do on that subject. Always a frustrating one.

You know how Rachel and I go to the symphony about once a month? Well, we do, but this month we are going to "The Composer is Dead". More of a murder mystery dinner like adults do, but in this an actual member of the orchestra killed the composer and the conductor interrogates each instrument. Cool huh? And guess who the interrogator is? Lemony Snicket!!!! From "Series of Unfortunate Events" for you non-readers/losers. Rachel is going nuts waiting for this performance. And guess which song they are playing after the intermission? FIREBIRD!! THE best song ever(well one of them). It's the one played in Fantasia 2000 with the "mother earth" thing green lady that's always riding on the deer. Anyway....Can't wait!!! I think we are in row 18 so about center of the room. YAY!!!

Is anyone else peeved at that last snow storm on monday, was it? That morning I was outside scoping out the garden for planting and getting out all the tools and stuff. All the snow had melted in our back yard and I didn't even have to put on a jacket to go out. I was so excited that Spring was starting so early!. Thenn WHAMO! Snow pounded down my dreams in 4 hours. After the four hours we had 5 inches of snow. By the next day, 8. Why was Utah cursed with such retarded weather? Wear flip flops in the morning and snow boots at night. Weirdness to the extreme. My garden will just have to wait. Hey, that kind of sounded like the cartoon disney Cinderella, "I guess my dress will just have to wait" then the mice,"Poor Cinderelly, she'll never get her dress done" ......Ok shut up people, it was my favorite show as a kid, I could recite that movie backwards and forwards.

Well my dad is waking up to get ready for his bishopric meeting. Maybe I should get some sleep before church. I would die if shurch was still at 9. Yay for the new year time of 11!

goodnight/morning everyone. Ah, I also added my youtube favorites to the bottom of the blog. Just scrool down, pause the music and watch all the videos. They are hilarious! Happy Sunday! and don't forget to comment!



  1. YAAAAAAAAY! COMMENTS! Well I'm still blogging so you aren't blogging to yourself :)

  2. we played firebird my first semester. IT's way good