Saturday, August 18, 2007

My sister Rachel started redoing her room a wihle ago. I decided I will to. I'm sick of my room. It's ben the same way since I can remember. The past couple of days I have been de-junking like mad. It's like I'm getting rid of the old me and ready to move onto the next stage in my life. I've gotten rid of at least 5 huge boxes of stuff and clothes. Going back to the basics.

I had some money saved up before I quit my job and bought a flat screen LCD monitor . I got rid of my huge chunky desk and use a white table and have roon to actually fill out papers or use a desk instead of my monitor taking up the while desk.

I'm still waiting to hear back from WesTech. The girl who replaced me with, quit last week. My sister calls it devine intervention, I call it coincidence. I found out today that my old boss was on vacation thursday and friday and that's why I didn't get a callback. So I'll call again on monday and hopefully have my old job back by the end of the week. Thankfully I'll be able to bum a ride off my dad still until I can get a car.

side note- have you guys ever seen a chrysler crossfire? I WANT that car!! I could find one for $15,000 if I was lucky. It's my new dream car. just FYI-


  1. And if you found me all alone
    Would you lend a helping hand
    And all I need from you my friend
    Is for you to understand

    i would give a hand. bec, i would do anything for you. :) let me know ok? new cell # is 833-4927.

    love you

  2. hey periwinklebeccaw :) i'm so glad you are doing better. i'm also a little irratated at your mother's lack of understanding. I can't imagine treating someone that way just for coming home early. maybe it's easier for me because i didn't go, but either way, there's no justification for that kind of behavior. ok, enough of that. I would really love to hang out with you some time. write me an email please and let me know how things are. I miss you and want to see you again.

    your buddy,