Monday, July 02, 2007

Day 2 of the fast

So, I just spent my entire lunch in the bathroom at work. It was the only place that I could get away from all the tempting food smells from people cooking their lunches and bringing them to eat at their desks. Second day of the fast and I’m Freezing I’ve never been so cold in the middle of the summer! I guess food makes your body work and raises your temp or maybe the fat is just coming off, but I am so cold! Oh, second day because I ate at the Bridal shower on Saturday. We had Hawaiian haystacks and I couldn’t resist. But I started the fast again yesterday seeing how it was fast Sunday anyway. It’s 1:16 and I have had two pieces of gum and a cup of water so far. That wasn’t too hard as I usually never eat anything for breakfast anyway, and all through high school I never ate lunch except a V8 once in a while. It’s amazing how clean, light and fresh your body feels when you fast. I’m used to my body being full of garbage. Candy, fries and chips were my food pyramid. I can’t wait for the MTC when I can have free range to fruit and veggies for every meal. I bought most of my MTC clothes half a size smaller so I HAVE to lose weight before I leave. So Four weeks left to lose half a dress size seems reasonable, considering I’ll be eating one time until then. Of course if I get sick, dizzy or need to eat, I will be smart and eat something so I don’t die. I’m not going all psycho and anorexic. Just juice fasting until I get at the desired weight and have occasional healthy food in between fasts.
Though I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to this gnawing feeling in my stomach. As it’s so used to being overly stuffed during the day.
Well, I’m off back to work to freeze to death. I need to bring a jacket tomorrow. Going to get more water now. buh bye!!

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