Sunday, July 08, 2007


so, the fast lasted 3 days. Not bad I'd say. The wedding threw everything off and was insane crazy for the past four days. Tomorrow starts another fast. Nothing huge going on so nothing to distract me. I think I'll be drinking a lot more water this time though. I got a little dehydrated last time. Need to keep track of it.

So, have you seen the mission counter 25 days to go! yay! I still have the bajeezez scared out of me but I'm way excited still. Lots to pack and prepare. The list is endless. As soon as I get my mission picture back(sometime this week, I'll be sending out the invitations to my farewell. So, Toni, Tony, Joe and Michelle, I need your addresses!!! please send me an email with them included!!! Thanks a bunch. wouldn't want you to not get one!!.

Happy fasting

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