Monday, July 09, 2007

At work. Don't want to work. Last week of work.

Yes, it's my last week at work. Yayness for me. They are about to do some construction in my area and tear down the wall right next to me. They are doing it the DAY after I leave. Why couldn't they do the exciting work prohibiting stuff BEFORE I leave? stupid timing of life I guess. Dash it all. I hope I don't forget everything I have leanred here because I want to come back when the mission is over.

Speaking of mission. I decided where I'm going to have my "farewell that's not allowed" party at. Our house is too small and our backyard still isn't finished. SO, it's going to be at the pavillion at Magna park. It's the closest park to my ward and no one will be squished. I think I'll have the 6 foot subs and cookies. So come!!!!!

It's so sad saying goood bye to everyone at work. I will miss all the people here tons. Change is good I suppose. And boy do I need it.

Rachel is up at girls camp this week. She left this morning at 6am and will be gone till friday afternoon. I'm going to be quite bored this week. I mean, I have tons to do and pack, but Rachel is my entertainment at home. RAndy is gone all the time with charity so it's practically like he's moved out, and Michelle now married, Michael moved out. Kind of empty. sad. I guess I could use the alone time. I still need to finish the Book of Mormon and Preach my gospel before I leave. Only three weeks left to do it. yikes.

Oooh. Just remembered!! Harry Potter book #7 is out in 12 days!!! You know what I'll be doing July 21st!!! When does the movie come out? (....checking google......) Ok July 13th. Holy Crap this Friday!!! I can't stand when the theatre is full of stupid noisy kids though. I'll probably go Monday morning on the 16th with Rachel. Yay!!!

Ouch. Stomach. Rumbling. Must. Not. Eat.

Going to get some water now.


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