Thursday, June 28, 2007


This morning I had a peach and a string cheese. I had to eat something along with the antbiotics I'm taking for a tissue infection on my cheek. After five days of intense antibiotics I have to get a steroid injection to my face and then a mild antibiotic for a couple more weeks. It started as a blemish (as always) and became so inflamed I went to the doctors. It's so close to my eye they were worried it could spread to it and possibly into the bone. All I can say is it hurts like Heck and I'm sick of it!!!! Perfect for my sister's reception next week. People will ask, "what's that red animal living on your face?" I've been cleansing it 3 times a day, four pills a day, a antibiotic cream slathered on every night. It hurts!

Anyway...back to the cheese and peach this morning. I was going well till I drove past a McD's. I've read everywhere that you are what you eat. Possibly a contributer to not having the clearest skin in the world in my case. So, hoping it will help with the healing of my face, and the general dislikes of my weight(as you are all aware) I am doing a juice/water fast until I leave for the MTC. Thereafter I will continue to eat microscopic portions of everything that goes into my mouth. Also My sister and I just bought a gym membership to the Magna rec. and I'll be going daily except sundays. I did a water fats before and it lasted 3 days. I don't know how much I lost, but I felt great.

so Here I go, hope all goes well

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