Monday, April 23, 2007

Some people were just not meant to be president

Thought I'd freak you all out by starting my post off with a frightening picture you hope never to encounter in real life.

Anyway, I guess I'll give you all the 411 on my life right now.

1st- so sad to read that Toni will no longer be posting on her New Beginnings Blog. It was short lived, loved, and is missed already. If you still read this Toni, I hope nothing offensive was done or said to make you stop. It has been hard for all of us doing our own thing, going our own way in life and I could feel the falling apart of our happy little group. A Marriage changes things. A BABY (that I'm still DYING to see)changes things. I hope to be a part of your life and keep our friendship alive-no matter how distant it gets- forever. We went to copperhills together, Brockbank, and Cyprus. We have known eachother since Kindergarten when you first made fun of my glasses and pigtails :D That part of me will never forget the good times we had. The nano baby days, Creative Persuits, Dustin (aka: Skippy) Jackson, Our trolls that we would dress up and make houses out of our pencil boxes. Part of you will be part of me forever. I will do all I can to keep us alive and strong!!!!!! I hope you one day start up the blog again. Even if all you talk about is marriage and baby stuff. I DON"T CARE!!!!! I want to hear it!! Your blogs were my looking glass into your life. Please start them up again when you can!!!!

2nd- My mission papers are in to the Stake President!! It's all up to him now and the wait has begun!! 1-3 weeks and I'll be getting my misison call!!!!!!!!!
WAAAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. Actually, I can wait. I don't have any shoes or clothes yet. I can't until I find out where I'm going. My parents got me a luggage set for my B-day though, so I'm good in that department! I've been reading SO much Book of Mormon Lately. It's amazing what I have been missing out on. I have recently been reading in Mosiah. By reading it every night, I can picture each thing that is going on in the book. It is really amazing. I have never read the scriptures so dilligently before and I am LOVING IT!!! seriously, I used to see the scriptures as a task to be done. I look forward to reading and can't get enough of it. I know, I know, I sound like a molly mormon. You guys need to read it like you mean it. you will be amazed.

3rd- Actually, I don't have a third topic. I'll just reamble for a bit. Work is busy, but good. I really like my job and don't mind going to work everyday. I definately plan on working here when I get back from my mission. I'm going for a bike ride after work to Cemetary Hill-if it's not raining. Should be My brother Randy is buying my car before I leave. So it will still be in the family when I get back. Now I don't have the stress of needing to get it sold before I leave. On financial matters, I have $100 more to go before I am completely out of debt!!!!!!! I got a line of credit to fix my car in December and it has seemed impossible to get it paid off. But with my tax returns, I got it all off but $100!!! Yay!!!!!!! DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Good feeling. What else what else....Tony leaves for R.I. this Saturday(*tear*) but maybe it will be good for him. (don't ask me how I just wanted to sound thoughtful) I probably won't see him for the whole 18 months I'm gone, and if he leaves for a mission during that time, It could be even longer. Odd thought.

I have talked with my sister, and I'm going to let her use my computer when i'm gone on the condition that she doesn't downlad anything whatsoever, and that she posts my letters and emails on this blog for all of you. She'll be copying all the comments and emailing them to me as well. I'm not sure if you guys can email me yet, but definately can write letters. Oh, We are finishing our back yard right now, and for my farewell we are having a "luncheon" after my talk at my house. I'll be sending you all invites with a pic of me as well. So that's something to look forward to in a couple of weeks.

Well, I should really get back to work now and stop slacking off. Everyone update your blogs!!!!!!


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