Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yes yes, Finally an update. I got so tired of erading everyone elses old blog entries, hopefully I'll inspire you all to update!
School starts again tomorrow and so far I am not registered. I have to waituntil my financial aid goes through, so until then I have Insistute choir(which I can't wait for!) and Institute with Bro. Tolley again. He is THE funniest teacher I have ever met!!
I still do not have my car back yet. I am paying the guy tomorrow about $900 more dollars and still have $700 more to do. Rediculous. I haven't had my car since the end of september. Sadness. Stupid Christmas set me back because I decided to buy presents for my family and go longer without my car.
Don't you hate it when someone calls your cell ohine and you don't know who it is and they don't leave a message? Do you call them back? Drives me crazy.
My grandparents came down from Idaho on friday and we went out o eat at Golden Corral. Never go there. You always eat too much and leave feeling sick. They have the best Rolls in the world. I could have an entire eal of just the rolls. Yum :)
Yesterday I put in our new kitchen floor. THey are the tiles you just stick on, and it looks really good! Took me all stinking day, but it was worth it.
I sept in until 3pm today. i know I shouldn't, but sometimes you have no drive whatsoever to get out of bed. Church started at 8 too. Yeah, missed that. I'm going to Hell.
I got a Wedding Invitation to Shannon B.'s recepetion yesterday!!! She was married on Dec 29 in the SLC temple. It's the same boyfriend that I met at Kelly Larsen's reception. So cute. I will scan the pics. Also at 9pm Guess who showed up with their Wedding invitation? Karen Hunsaker!! She is getting married on the 20th in the Logan Temple. Hly cow, everyone is getting married and having babies!!! Toni had her baby(YAY!!!) and Angela is Due in July, two of my friends from my old job are now pregnant as well. Crazy to know I am old enought o be married and have kids. So wierd. I will stick with being single though. Not until Mr. Right comes along at the right time. Which I'm sure will be be a VERY long time.
I have a migraine from sleeping so long, so I will sign off for now. Update your BLOGS for goodness sake people!!!!

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  1. It makes me sad. Everyone is getting married, but i guess we are at that age. I didn't know Angela was pregnant. Wow. Did you know that Karli is also pregnant? Wow. Bec, we're going to be the last ones.