Monday, January 29, 2007

Things to do before I'm 30

-Go on a hot air balloon ride
-Have a will made
-Create a budget and stick to it
-Read Pride and Prejudice
-Get a bachelors degree
-Climb the magna mountain
-Jump off the high dive
-Get a real professional Manicure and pedicure
-Go horseback riding
-Get professional glamour pictures taken
-Go shooting
-Get a full body massage for 1 hr
-Learn to drive a manual
-Try Sushi
-Send in a postcard to Postsecret (one sad, one happy)
-Go to a Chihuley art display
-Buy a peice of Chihuley art
-Do completely BLONDE
-Have $5,000 in savings
-Take a calligraphy class
-Buy a house
-Plan an entire day and do everything
-Learn to do a rubiks cube
-Get my eyebrows waxed
-Wear a size 10
-Go through every temple in Utah
-Go skiing
-Own my car
-Marry my best friend
-Have Kids

1 comment :

  1. I'll teach you how to drive a stick!!