Friday, November 24, 2006

Ok, Here is the New computer. Very nice in deedee. I'm loving the Cd burner and the 80 GB Hard drive. So nice and fast. Well Yesterday was thanksgiving and probably the most boring one I have ever had. We went to my grandma's, ate, and visited for about an hour and then left. Nothing exciting or anything. Then I came home and had some hot cheetos and watched pride and prejudice, talke with Tony inline and cleaned up some dog throw-up. Fun day. And now I am here at work (I had no vacation since I just started last week) with one other person whoi aslo had to work. Very quiet and dull., except the girl who is here with me brought her dog. yes, we can do that. It's a cute little Chocolate lab. So at least something here is entertaining me. Ot's weird. my new job that is. I don't really have a specific thing to do each day, it's just whatever some one needs help with, they come to me and I do it for them. Some days it's really busy and I have a million things to do, but most of the time I get it pretty easy. I almost feel guilty because I am getting paid to stand aroud and wait to help someone. So much not like my last jobs at all.

Well, ya know how you go to update and realize you have nothing to talk about? This is one of those times. I guess I can tell you about my coworkers. I work with all men and one female. All are betweeen the ages of 21 and 65. Quite a broad range of ages. My boss is late 30's maybe early 40's and is hilarious. he has very quiet/soft voice where he always sounds like he is whispering. He is so funny though, Just random things he says and makes fun of everyone and is very leinient about everything. I'm quite lucky to have an awsome boss. Then there are the to Ute and BYU fan men. One will play the Ute fight song every hour or so just to bug the other guy. In turn the BYU fan plays a clip of a cougar growl/screech. It's quite the thing to hear. Sometimes they do it when you least expect it and it scares the pants off you. Funny though. Then we have two men in their 60's. one is originally from England and has an awsome accent from there. I could listen to him talk all day. the other guy is getting worse with parkinson's disease day by day, but is the most quick witted guy I've ever met. He'll come over to my desk to drop off a folder ot something and say to check it to make sure no jokes are in it, or he'll come over and accidentally knock something off my desk, and instead of putting it back, he'll pick it up and take it with him as if he purposely was planning on stealing it, and knocking it off was part of the grand master plan. He's a funny guy.
IN general, all the guys are funny and great to work with. It's wierd working with my dad and sister though. My dad has been here for about 15 years and know's everyone because he is the IT guys who fixes everything. So I am known as the fourth Hodgson to work here. My dad the first, My brother the second(he was only temporaarily employed) then my sister MIchelle as soon ashe got back from her mission, and now me. Everyone keeps saying us Hodgson's are taking over the whole company. Kind of fun.
Well, the dudes who were working on my car are finished now. turns out that it is going to cost about $2800. they fixed the brakes and replaced the rotor's when they were done with everything else. I think I won't be able to afford that until January. totally sucks. Since this is all coming out of my own pocket, I have to skip school this next semester. it will be nice aI suppose thought taking a break after these hectic few past months. I hope I have enough to get everyone in my family something for Christmas too. So if you don't get something from me, it's because I'm poor, not because I hate you.
Well, i suppose I should go back to work and accomplish something that I should be getting paid for, so I will sign off for now.

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