Saturday, December 10, 2005

A severed foot: The ultimate stocking stuffer

Ouch again. I went back to clinic the day after and they took my blood and gave me another TB test shot. Jeez, I'm about to go find myself another job that doesn't require so many shots.
Not only that, but I never realized how much people touch, slap or punch your arms in one day. I crack my knuckles, and no one should care, but my in order to break this habit that I am perfectly fine with, my papa dad, smacks my arm every time I crack a knuckle. The day OF when I got the last two shots, He punched my arm twice! the same arm in the same night! I could hardly hold back the tears it hurt so stinking bad. Then my sister even tapped my arm after that. I was thinking of putting on a big in big bold red letters,
"DON"T TOUCH MY FREAKING ARM!" but decided against it. All is well now though. all shots completed, blood drawn, cat scans, transplants and such are finished.
Ah, I got my new migraine meds today. The possible side effects are(I shall list in matter of greatest fatality inducers) Dizziness, tiredness, drowsiness, rash, itching, slow heart or pulse rate, or shortness of breath. Boy those don't worry me one bit. "hey doc, my hearts been feelin' kind of slow lately, should I be worried?" hhhmmmm.........ya think!?
The thing I'm most worried about is other meds I take(Am I starrting to sound like a hypocondriach, or is it just me?) Today I took my acnes med, my new migraine med, I had a backache and cramps(the girl kind) so I took some midol, and when I got back from seeing Narnia(which is a whole OTHER story) I took two Excedrin. I think I'm going to die from an overdose.
Anyway, on to my Narnia experience. My sister Rachel, my bro Michael and I went to Narnia tonight. We gave ourselves half an hour seeing how it just came out yesterday, and it was a weekend night. We get there at 7:30, get our tickets and go to the theatre. We walk in, and some loser kid is standing there holding a vacuum talking to his buddies. We sit down, arrange ourselves and wait patiently for the show. He comes up to us and says,"Are you here for the show?" Well, Ya, we ARE in a movie theater. "you'll have to wait in the lobby until we're done cleaning" Since when does five star CLEAN their theaters? He wasn't even doing anything! so we get up and go wait in the lobby. 10 minutes later(all while not hearing a single vacuum running) we go back in figuring they'd be done. Nope, still standing there talking with his buddies and laughing like a bunch of trolls. "we're not done yet, go wait outside" he says. So we wait outside the theater not wanting to lose our early seats by going back to the lobby. Not hearing any vacuuming AGAIN for about five minutes, the trolls emerge and their leader, king ugly face, tells everyone(which had accumulated to about 15 people) we have to go stand on the other side of the ticket box. Wanting to strangle this ugly kid, we as a group shuffle over behind the ticket box . His troll friends wander off to steal some consessions candy and he slowy walks up to the ticket box. "Finally" about alf the group said. but no. kind ugly face stands their enjoying every moment of our torture. After an eternity of waiting, he grunts, "tickets please!" Since WHEN does five star ask for your tickets!? Finally our group gives in our want to see the show over wanting to strangle him and we give him our tickets and file in the theater. The floors were flippin' sticky, their was garbage everywhere! What MORONS! Finally the show started. Problem was they had the volume up ALL the way. everyone had their ears plugged, and someone went out to tell them to turn it down. They turned it down a little, but it was still deafening. Hence why I got a headache and took excedrin tonight.

So the moral of this story is, If I die from a drug overdose tonight, it's Five star's fault and I will haunt them forever. Oh and they just suck all around. Especially king ugly face.

Anywho, I must get to bed. Don't want to miss church tomorrow, or do I? Nah, I'll go. Wish me luck on my first week at work on monday! tootles


  1. You make me laugh.

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