Sunday, December 18, 2005

ok, ok, I'll update.

but it's going to be short! I am giving up sleep time for an update. See how much I love you people? you are so lucky.

I started my new job on monday (12/12) and I have been super busy. The week before Christmas is the absolute worst time to start a job. Can you say stress? Plus I had three parties. The company party on tuesday, the department party at my bosses house on wednesday, and a birthday party of a girl in the office on thuhrsday. CRAZY! HECTIC! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

I really like my job though. Awsome people, and it's something I will actually enjoy doing for 8 hours a day without it getting tedious, because it always changes. So far no cute guys or anything though, major downer. All the doctors are old and bald, and the rest is young 27 year old moms up to 50 year old grandmas. so mostly female.

Oh, Karli, (if you read this) Michael (my brother) said he saw you at church today and you're on the missionary counsel with him? coolness. He came home and asked if I knew any karli's with red hair. funny.

I get half a day this friday off, and the next monday off for christmas. I wish it was more. but hey, I need money. I still haven't gone to temple square yet. I'm going to drag my family there this week, and If you guys go any other time, I will also go. Christmas just came way too fast this year. I mean, I was listening to christmas music in November(as Toni would know) and cooking treats and stuff, but not realy shopping or anything. And now, It's in 6 days and I haven't done shopping. Money is the main factor, but stilll, It came too fast.

Arrrgggggggghhhhhhh. A lady in ,my ward trapped me into playing in sacrement meeting ON CHRISTMAS DAY! My dad was going to nake us go to it anyway, But now I have to actually put on makeup, do my hair and wear something decent because I'll be in front of people. I hope no one shows up and they cancel it. As blasphemous as it may sound, I don't you should have to go to church on christmas. I mean, all the adults will have stayed up all night long wrapping last minute presents, and will be dead, and in my house we don't usually start opening until 9, and church starts at 10:30, so it totally clashes with my present opening schedule. Watch, now my christmas tree will catch on fire, and burn all the presents. God will teach me a lesson. Maybe I should delete that last part. oh well, What's said is said.

Ok, ,I've gone into my sleeping time lolng enough, I must go to bed now. I cannot function on 6 hours of sleep, so It's off to bed I go. Tootles!


  1. yeah I am on the council with Micheal he looked really familiar, and then we got binders and his last name was in there and I almost started laughing cause I couldnt make the connection til then. But he said that telling you may get you to start coming to the singles ward cause apparently your bored in your home ward? I don't know if it's true but if you came that would be cool.

  2. the other two guys were ben's brother and his brother in law. :-D