Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can you say ouch? say it with me,"Ouch". very good

In the past day and a half, I have had a TB shot, a tetnus booster shot, a hepetitis A shot, a hepetitus shot, New migraine meds, and to top it all off, I peed in a cup. All the paperwork and nonsense for a job is just getting rediculous the days. Who cares if I've had my tetnus within the past three years? Is someone planning on bringing a rabid dog to a pediatrics clinic? heavens. I've been poked and injected with so many meds today and yesterday uyou'd think I was an addict. Not only that, I might have to get a flu shot tomorrow too. Drat. I've had three shots in my right arm and one in my left. But hey, they gave me a snoopy band aid for each one, so I have four snoopy band aids on me rightnow. Am I cool or what?
Yes, I got the job with IHC and start onmonday the 12th. Fun stuff. I'm even getting $1 moroe an hour than we discussed in the interview. Nice little surprise there. I train for one week and then start working with real patients and accounts. Finally. praise Alla, I Rebecca H. H. has a JOB! I"M NOT A BUM ANYMORE!!!!! My next quest and ruler of non-bums is a car. Yes yes, my chariot and horse will no longer satisfy my transportation needs with the growning cost of hay and feed. I must equip myself with a "pile of tin" that nobody knows "what shape it's in". following that small yet needed victory, I will then correct my ever garbage vision. LASIK BABY! you got it, the bec bec is going under the laser to get 20/20 vision like the rest of the perfect people in the world. No more having to sit in the front of a class to see the board, no sitting on the front row of Movie theaters to see the screen, no more having to drive with glasses, no more needing someone to read me the menu to the drive through of McD's because I can't see it. I WILL HAVE CORRECT VISION!!! BWA HA HA HAHA !!!!! MY PLAN IS COMPLETE!!!

Anyways......My doctor gave me a new prescription for migraines. Now instead of treating them, I will be preventing them. YAY! Why is everything going so well for me right now? It seems everything is falling into place right now. If only I had a man. :)
Ouch. my arm just started to ache again. three shots in one arm in one day will do a number on you.
Wanna know what my new obsession is? Yoga. that's right. the body contorting, ever relaxing yoga. It started a couple days ago when I realized I coudn't do the splits anymore, which I have been able to do since birth. I've been stretching everyday to achieve it again, when my mom saw me and went out and bought me a yoga book. Gotta love that stuff. I'm a total addict now.

my cat threw up in my closet yesterday. gross

did you guys see how much it snowed yesterday? like 2 and a half inches in one hour. Everthing was quite icy. very dangerous. gotta love snow in December thouogh. I'm keeping my promise to myself, that every year I will build one snowman. I started it last year, and realized how much I missed playing in the snow. Rachel and I went outside and made a huge one while freezing our rears off, but it was fun. When was the last time you made a snow angel?

Must be off to bed now. Weird. I just realized almost all my posts are written at midnight or later. oh well. It's when I get the most done being a night person and all. but that will change next week. I have to join the rest of the world in going to work 8-4 and going to bed at a normal time. thank goodness for weekends.


  1. I dont remember you ever sitting in the front row you always asked me what the bored said as though i could see it any better then you

  2. ha ha ha! Blind people! We 20/20 people will take over the world, as long as we stay at least 20 feet from you at all times, you won't be able to do anything about it! MWA HA HA HA!