Sunday, August 07, 2005

"On a sunday afternoon"

Today was quite a relaxing day. I stayed home from church because I stayed upo so late last night and woke up with a migraine and earache. We had the usual spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and afterwords I had an otter pop(or five or six) I love those things!
Mike and Danny came over again today to hang out. we ended up playing with clay and talking for about an hour. now they are all on the computer doing everquest and world warcraft. boys ad their toys. oh, yesterday The tomcats went to Tooele for another battle of the bands. THey won third place and got a huge trophy and $200 dollars. very cool!
Rachel has been sick the past couple of days. she has this infection in her eye making it all puffy and swollen. today is the worst it's been all week. So much for running in the mornings. Randy said he might go with me though. He has to be able to walk six miles and bike ten miles in one day before he can go back on his mission. So I'm going to help him get back into shape.
I had four stupid trojan horses and a virus, and tons of spyware. i got a new program to get it off though. My computer is clean! YAY!
Sad day in the journalism world today. Peter Jennings died of lung cancer. I always loved getting the news from him. I guess It could be a good thing though. So many people know how he got lung cancer from smoking and it could inspire a lot of people to quit. I'm sure many people will miss him though.
Well, I need to get off to bed. I've been staying up way too late on the computer lately. probably why I keep getting migraines. enjoy your day/night everybody! tootles

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