Saturday, August 06, 2005

another day gone by

I woke up this morning aroun 1pm. I was up all night with ANOTHER freaking migraine. I'm going to the doctors this week to get a refill on Relpax again, and to talk with my doctor about Topamax. It's supposedly prevents migrains by tking it daily. We'll see. Today is Lisa's reception. I am going to FOUR receptions this month and have already been to four this year. everyone is getting married! I will take lots of pictures and post some. Just another event where my mom will talk to me afterwords about," If you were going to institue, that would be you up there!" I'm only nineteen for heavens sake mother. sure I feel pressure because all of my friends are getting married, but I don't plan on getting married until I'm at LEAST 21. k, new subject.
I made a cool little shirt out of a dollar bill. I think I will do it with all my money, it keeps me from spending it when it tookforever to fold up. Hm. I think I'll post a picture of it just to show you.
Rachel has been sick with a sinus/eye infection, and I'm scared to death that I'm going t catch it. I hate eing sick. But the antibiotics I'm taking for acne my give me a bit of an advantage. keep your fingers crossed for me!
Oh, just a side note in case soe of you didn't know, I QUIT MY JOB! well, I didn't show up for two and a half days and I didn't call in, and I didn't even have a reason for not going in. very stupid of me, but I just didn't feel like going at all. so I go in the fourth day and talk to my supervisor, and he is almost in tears because he had to let me go. He gave me his phone number and email address and told me to use him as a refrence. he said I would go far in life and gave me hug when I left. he is THE coolest guy. He even put me down as voluntary termination instead of a no call no show. he is awsome. He told me he would out me as rehirable and if I didn't have a job in four months to come back. wow. I really screwed things up. Oh well. Life goes on.
It's been really nice having this week and not doing a single thing. But now I'm ready to get a job again. I guess I've become accustomed to it. waking up at 7 and working until 4. plus it's nice having cash. I'll be smarter with my next job and save everything though. I kind of went on shopping sprees every time I got paid.
Michael is going to help me get a job at Unisys. I'll be getting paid $10.00 to start there. 2 bucks more than my last job started me at.
Well, i have to go get ready for lisa's reception and I am going to write to michelle who sent us a package of stuff from the phillipines today. tootles!

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