Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"I see dead pixels"

You know how my monitor died a couple of months back? Well, I've been in the market lately for a new one, preferrably an LCD 17". most of the warranties are ok, but some of them that are in my price range are quite rediculous. One warranty stated they wouldn't replace the monitor unless it had eight or more missing(dead) pixels. meaning they wouldn't replace it unless their is eight or more black spots on your screen. stupid eh? Anywho, I've found some decent deals, but still need to check out Ebay.
Today was kind of uneventful, but I'll give you the run-through anyway. I woke up around noonish because Rachel, Mom and I didn't get from walmart until about one, and didn't get to sleep until about two. So I wake up, check my email and such, eat some food, and WHAMMO, methinks it's time for the weekly migraine. I took two excedrin(is that how you spell that?) which did as much as eating dirt would. So I've been grogging around all day not wanting to do anything with this freaking headache. lucky am I says me.
in other news, my steam cleaner (well I bought it for my mom really) came today. It totally wasn't what was in the picture on ebay, and since I gave them negative feedback, they gave me bad feedback. stupid people. anyway, we've tried the cleaner and it works decent enough. Randy even cleaned his mototcycle with it. kind of fun getting new gadgets.
Last night was the magna night out against crime thingy. Randy and the Tomcats performed all night. They did really well, and we got good video and pictures to stick in their website ( I saw Amber there too. we caught up on all the gossip and such. she'll be going to SLCC this next semester instead of UVSC. So, possibly we'll go to institute together.
My poor dad. he got another flat tire in the car. that's our second one in the past three weeks. He just has bad luck with cars. Did anyone else see/hear/feel that rain today? I LOVED it! we haven't had a strom like that since I was a kid. totally awsome.
Well, I have to get off this thing. staring at bright screen isn't the best thing for my head right now. Oh, I almost forgot, Toni, I LOVED your blog. very touching. Thanks so much *tear* I have such awsome friends. I'm so spoiled :)

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