Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May Happenings

Our two year anniversary Steven had the day off so we went to see Star Trek into Darkness, then to Dickey's BBQ. We had been getting the house ready for days and it was wonderful to take a break! We even bought popcorn and a slurpee for the movie! (We NEVER buy concessions!)

Ivory is just a doll. She grunts like a little piglet and watches everything like a hawk. I love having a niece! And Babies in general!

Part of the Mother's Day tablescape. We were all at my parents' house for when Rachel called. Good food and my first "Technical" mother's day! It was wonderful and Steven spoiled me!

Michelle got a new camera and Randy was testing out the continual shot mode. MIchelle abliged with crazy faces :)

Eli & Lema, chillin'

We also celebrated Miles birthday that day. I can't believe he's starting kindergarten this year! It makes me feel old!

That Wild Laulu tongue!

We were SO happy to see Rachel!

Poor Dad held the laptop the entire time. He eventually conked out.

8 months Pregneto!

The little boys wanted to be carried around in a box for some reason, so Steven obliged. They LOVED it!

Yeah, Carter is in the box!

My beautiful mom! I love her so much!

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