Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life is crazy and wonderful as it should be, thus keeping away from the blog!

Get ready for a long one!

Daxy and her daily ritual of either sunbathing on my desk, or screaming at us to let her out back to "play" with the birds.

Mumsy and Daddykins on a Sunday evening I think? They were watching a slideshow of our pets that I put together.

Playin' games.

Randy and is camera smile.

BLue seemed to be the color of the day.

The boys racing their cars down the stairs and as usual making a racket!

Mom and Dad's 55th birthdays (they are 12 days apart)

Neither wanted to fess up to being that old and accepting the cake.

Mom's winter flower in bloom

So much smoke!!

The flames melted the frosting it got so hot!

Dad bought a box of twinkies off ebay and shared it with everyone. SO delish! (mom wa excited, can you tell?)

Steven giving Dax "loves". She's TOTALLY enjoying it.

David and his cute girlfriend Andie

The freezing rain (a while ago) that made everyone's lawn into a skating rink

My valentines surprise. He even hid the flowers!

Our VAlentines Dinner was made 100% by Steven. He shoveled a good two feet of snow to cook us steaks (which turned out AMAZING!)

Dax showing the love.

One of our date nights "in" to save money for Jimmy who is already draining the bank account, and he's not even here yet!

Our neighbor's house caught fire and was completely gutted. A tractor came two weeks ago and leveled it. Now just a big hole in the ground :(

One of my other Valentines gifts. One can never have too much jewelry!!

Randy's Birthday! The boy just can't do a normal face for a camera.

I found this quote one day and loved it. So I made my own little printable that's now in a frame on our dresser. Helps me put things into perspective everyday.

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