Thursday, June 07, 2012

Smith and Edwards

As part of our 1 year anniversary trip we stopped in Ogden to a store called Smith and Edwards.  This store is like a mish-mash of about 10 different stores with a giant junk yard in the back. Kind of like a D/I/, an NPS, a Cabelas, a walmart and more. If you go, plan on spending at least two hours. That will be a "quick" run through.

 The biggest part of the store is probably the army surplus section. They have EVERYTHING an army would need to go to war. Clothing, parachutes, tents and more.

 Lots of vintage clothing from past wars.

 Old uniforms of every kind.

Bomb fuses - one of the MANY random things they have.

 Want to go panning for gold?

Lots of weird German things

 Lots of heavy duty fabric, mostly camouflage.

Need a machete?

A giant bell!!!

This entire isle was all cast iron things. Even a wok!

A giant canning jar

Wrapping paper

And guns!!!

WWII helmets
 And ammo casing

Which the cleverly made into flower pots


  1. I think I'm jealous of how cute you look in an army helmet. This would be the PERFECT place to get the stuff to do the plastic green army guy halloween costume.

  2. that does look like a pretty darn fun store to browse around. however, i will admit that looking thru the pics i thought to myself, "self, this is a BOY STORE and you shant never take the husband there or you will be bored.out.of.your.mind!" AND THEN I SAW the wrapping paper!!! when can i go????