Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cox Honeyland, Logan, Utah

One of our stops during our anniversary trip was Cox Honeyland in Logan. They are famous for their creamed honey that Steven and I both love. 

In the giftshop they have tons of cute things relating to bees and honey. They even have a hive type thing showing the bees making honey. Really cool!

Cute candles and sculptures made on beeswax

Every kind of honey you could want too.

They have a little testing station where you can try all the flavors with a small spoon. The raspberry creamed honey was our favorite! Next to that is a little fudge section where you can get a free sample too. Really tasty stuff, but just too much sugar for the both of us.

We left with some raspberry creamed honey and a brown sugar keeper. Ir's a terracotta disc that you soak in water and it keeps yoiu sugar soft for months. I've been wanting one forever! Time to make some homemade bread for that honey!

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