Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Day - The making of

**UPDATE**  I found 10 more pictures from the morning of. They're at the end of the post fyi.

I have tons of picture from the last 4 months, I figure I'll just start from the beginning.  The day before our wedding was spent finishing up center pieces for the tables. Becky's sister lent us the vases and I bought all the flowers for them. Steven helped for a while and then Kristi and Heather saved me by coming over until about 10pm and we finished them all. They also helped me put together all the corsages and boutineers. Even Jake came over at the end and helped box up all the decorations to take to the church. Rachel made all the wrist roses for the girls of the family and I made my own bouquet. Costo and Sam's club roses baby!!! It turned out beautiful and $200 less than having someone else make it.

Steven got about 1-2 hours of sleep that night and me none. We met everyone at the church that morning at 5am to help set up. When I pulled into the parking lot I couldn't help but cry when I saw how many people showed up to help. We have such wonderful family, friends and ward members!!!

The Bride and Groom dead tired, but ready to get married!!

Randy and Becky helped us out so much with the reception. Becky's sister's family did most of the backdrop, the tablecloths and tons of other decor. Thank you!!!! See my dad in the backround mopping? He's such a perfectionist and I'm so glad he helped make everything shine.

This is Lori Tucker, our bishop's wife who did the other half of the decorations and was in charge of the set up. She organized everything for me and made it gorgeous! Even her kids came to help that morning along with Bishop Tucker. We would not have had such a beautiful reception without her.

Next to her is Randy Martin, a good friend of Steven's family who is also in the bishopric. He and his wife Debbie were there all day setting up too. Randy ordained Steven as an Elder and is our home teacher too. I was so glad the bishop and his wife and Randy and Debbie were able to come to our sealing and reception.

More helping hands from Jodi Stromberg and Another Tucker helper. The Stromberg's taught our Temple prep class in their home. It was so fun getting to know them and prepare for the temple together with Steven and them. 

Our lovely cake that was beautified by Michelle, Rachel and Becky after the cake lady kind of ruined it with her flowers. They fixed it up perfect!! Exactly how I wanted it!

Our gift table. It was fun to see Garry (Steven's step dad), Brad(Steven's brother) and Steven underneath the tables hanging up all the lights. Lori Tucker put all the decor together.

Steven's sister Jennifer was our "caterer". She was AMAZING!!!!! I told her what ideas I had and it's like she could see the pictures in my head. The food and drink was delicious and pretty too! I've always wanted something other than dessert at my wedding reception, so we had ham and chicken sandwiches, cream puffs, carrots and celery in ranch dressing, cinnamon rolls glazed with pink frosting, and fruit skewers. Oh and some yummy peach lemonade created by my mom.

Jennifer made up two very big plates of food for us to take with us. We had stuff to snack on all through our honeymoon!

When Steven and I pulled up to the reception after the luncheon, the church had been transformed. I don't know how everyone pulled it all together in such a short amount of time. Becky set up these lanterns outside. I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was.

Steven's sisters and nieces kept the food table stocked throughout the reception.

Funny story on the guest book. Well, more like an angry story. We ordered a photo book of all our engagements for our guestbook. We had it overnighted days before the reception. come wedding day, nothing. So after our luncheon, Steven and I sped to MIchael's (scary as heck because Steven' kept falling asleep at the wheel, we were DEAD tired) I grabbed a bunch of scrapbook paper, wedding stickers and a pink photo album. Again my sister's came to the rescue and put it all together in record speed.

To the right you'll see boxes of gifts from my bridal showers. To the left, the aftermath of the flower making. Green thumbs all around.

The flowers for everyone taking up the whole fridge.

Our centerpieces all boxed up and ready to go.

Our Marriage license, temple clothes and temple bags set out. We didn't forget anything!

Brand Steven and Janeen setting up lights.

Cute Garry helping out.

Kristi helped out SO much! She and Heather are wonderful!

Becky supervising the backdrop set up.

Debbie Martin and Michelle beautifying the food table.

We had chairs set up around the edges of the room for people to sit at.  Jared and Clarissa helped us out.

Daddykins moppin' away.

So much ironing had to be done for the tablecloths!

Getting close!

So, that was the set up and part of our wedding day story. Next up, the temple!


  1. Your reception looks beautiful!! My husband and I got married right around the same time as you guys :). I'm a Texan but Utah holds a very dear place in my heart...I've been there often and lived in Salt Lake for awhile two years ago working for the Sundance Institute. I LOVE it there so much. It is absolutely breathtaking and the people are wonderful! Sorry to ramble...I get all excited just thinking about snowy Utah this time of year :). I'm your newest follower...loving your blog!

  2. Marvelous! It looks like one of the San Francisco venues where I got married. The decoration is beautiful. Everybody has put in a lot of efforts to make this wedding an amazing one. The cake and the lights will definitely steal the show. After the couple, obviously!