Monday, October 31, 2011

Meeting Tanner

Steven and got to meet Craig and Megan's new addition a while back. Tanner is SUCH a cutie and looks so much like a Riding baby.

Nothing hotter than my hub with a baby in his arms!! (can ya tell I'm baby hungry?)

 Megan is such a cute mom. I love the way she talks to him like he's going to respond right back with a snarky comment.

Proud mom and dad!

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The Riding Family said...
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Jamie Newman said...

Awwww, he's precious. Such a sweetie. Take your time having kids- once you have them there is no going back! ;)

The Riding Family said...

Ooooo Man look how little and tiny he was?! Where did my little guy go??? Thanks again for the fun visit and the yummy food!! (oh crap?! I still have your bowl huh??! Oh brother I'm such a slacker. Lol)