Monday, August 15, 2011

This weekend's impressive migraine meds stats:

   - 4 Ibuprofen
   - Imitrex

   - 2 Ibuprofen
   - 1 Oxycodin
   - 2 Amerge
   - 4 more Ibuprofen
   - 1 Promethazine (SLEeeeeeppp.........)
   - 2 Xtra strength Tylenol
   - 1 can Mountain Dew

This weekend was torture. Luckily Saturday's migraine left quickly and I was able to go to the Hodgson/Killpack family outing to Sugarhouse park which was really fun. Beautiful park, a nice breeze and a river to play in.  Sunday my head was pounding from 5am-10pm. After my 2nd round of drugs at 8pm I finally killed it. I hate wasted days! Stupid head of mine.

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