Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I found this fabulous looking recipe for crock pot Chinese orange chicken with rice.

I hate it when you start a recipe, get half way through and then realize you are missing a major ingredient. Such as the "orange" in the "orange chicken".  It called for 1 cup of orange juice concentrate which I thought I had, but didn't. Step in can of orange Fanta. It's close enough, right? Cross your fingers for me. If not, it'll be a leftovers kind of night. :s

The joy of figuring out what's for dinner....

2 Comment(s):

Jamie Newman said...

So, how did it turn out??

Figuring out what's for dinner is my least favorite thought of the day.

Beckstreet said...

It actually turned out great! Not very orange-y, but still tasted good.