Monday, May 02, 2011

The week of "fun"

The past couple days have been some real doozies.

We got our invitations back from the printer, ordered (and overnighted) our engagement pictures, typed and typed and typed addresses, and Friday was THE day to get out our invitations.

Scene 1- Thursday morning I came over to Steven's house to get some wedding stuff, work on shower stuff with my sisters (my family shower that was fabulous, but that deserves a post of it's own), and to drop off the invitations so we could work on them that evening. I went downstairs to grab my jacket and heard a high pitch watery sound. I searched and searched and finally found it coming from a valve that hooks up to the washing machine. No worries though, small leak, and it was all going into a drain. So, me being intelligent like I am wont to do, turn the knob to tighten it and stop the leak. Holy spray of hot water jetting full force into my face! What Steven failed to mention to me, is that this valve was very old and rusty, constantly letting out a slow leak, and turning said rusty knob will just let more water out. at 50 miles an hour, in your face....

Not THAT big of a problem. Not a ton of water, nothing we couldn't handle anyway. We got a hold of Steven, turned off the water, he replaces the valve that evening, and everything is back to hunky dory. Happy clean dry basement full of rainbows.

Scene 2- Friday, Steven and I went to the house of one of the women in my ward that I (am supposed to, but am terrible at) visit teach. Steven fixed her computer and I got in a visit :) We started driving to get our mailing labels, some insert cards for the invitations and to get some mountain dew to help us though 350 invitations. we get a call from David who says frantically that there is water gushing everywhere and the basement is flooded. Oh, and also, he can't turn off said water. We flip around, race back and walk in to a basement with 3 flooded rooms. Yay.

So, invitations didn't happen, cleaning the house for my bridal shower didn't happen, and our nerves are fried like no other. A different pipe that was as old as the valve, cracked and sent water everywhere. Perfect timing.

We worked half the day sucking and mopping up water, then cleaning up the mess it caused. Lots of grossness. That night Steven's mom and Garry came over, and the four of us plus David rushed to get the house cleaned up. We got it done in record time and it looked awesome. Let's just say there was lots of closet shoving :s

We got the house looking perfect, my shower went on without a hitch, Steven got the 2nd pipe replaced after a couple hours, we got labels, fans drying the carpet like mad, and have half the invitations done.

We had a stuffing party tonight with Rachel and David's help. Steven got his pile addressed and sorted, and now I'm still up finishing mine in hopes of getting them out tomorrow. Not sure if it will happen. Oh, and my throat is killing me. I've had one bowl of soup, a billion cups of lemon water, and some hot chocolate. To no avail......

Well, back to the invitations. I just might get to watch the sun come up in an hour or so. Tonight/tomorrow is going to be even more "fun". Yay for old valves!

and pipes!

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