Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Holy Hannah, I need some cheetos. Any kind, just need that burnin' goodness in my mouth!!!! 

Oh, and some Tylenol. My lovely jaw is still hurting from dentist drilling yesterday, plus a headache is creeping up on me. Woo....hoo.

Tonight I'm making my bouquet and adding some finishing touches to my shoes. We've got pictures coming up!!!

Has anyone seen the Hot Fritos? Taco Bell has them inside their beefy crunch burrito and it is delish!!! Rachel and I love them so much she found a store online that sells them and ordered me a bag for my birthday. I've been savoring them and making them last. SO GOOD!!!!! Okay, I'll stop raving about hot cheetos and fritos. I'm just REALLY craving them.

Posts will be sparse from here on out until after we get back from honeymoon. We're in the homestretch and so much needs to be done! Afterwards we'll be busy setting up house, learning to live with each other and life will slowly calm down. Until then, this is my last post as Rebecca Hodgson. The next time I write, I'll be a Thacker and married. Wow.

Hope to see you all at the reception!! :)


  1. got our invite today - they're adorable! hopefully i'll get to see you and catch up on all your exciting adventures, before the reception that is. lol. good luck with all the plans. let us know if you need any help.

  2. mmmm...chocolate covererd cheetos. I'm going to get you some as a late birthday gift. I think you will llike them.

  3. YAAAAAAAAY!!! Married Becca. sorry I missed it. I'm can conclusivly say it was unavoidable. I should be back around the 14th of June, if yall have emerged from the cave that is post-wedding life (no rush really, its just as akward for all of us as it is for you)then we should go bowling, just no throwing the ball this time.