Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes a girl just needs a day

You know when you go a really long time just throwing your hair into a ponytail, no makeup, no shaving of the legs, and bummy clothes? Today I finally got sick of it.

I got up pretty early hoping to score some super cheap wedding stuff from KSL ads. Nothing came of it. So I had 3 hours to fill before I had to be work. Time to pamper!

I took my sweet time in the shower, pumiced myself to death, made my legs so smooth they are glistening, lotioned like mad, big fabulous hair and gorgeous makeup. And my clothes look feminine and I just feel GOOD. If I knew I wouldn't look ridiculous at work, I would have worn a hot dress and my highest heels. (doesn't exactly work in a doctors office) Every girl needs a pretty day now and then to make her feel good about herself. And boy did I need it.

Here's hoping to a happier day.


  1. love it! it's a good day for me if i shave my armpits! haha,kids keep you so busy...i think i'll have to make a pamper day for myself sometime soon. :)

  2. LOL! Believe it or not I need the opposite. I dress up waaaaaaaaaay too often and won't allow myself a sweats day. One of these days I'll let myself go out in public in the jammies =)