Friday, March 11, 2011

Eli, Mr. Chunk & Grunt

Somehow I've misplaced all the pictures I took at the hospital when Eli was born. I've searched my computer and camera like mad, and they are just plum gone! I'll keep looking though.

It's been wonderful watching Eli grow and learn. He's about 3 1/2 months right now, but wearing all of Miles' 9 month clothes. This baby is big!!! He's massive and a tank. He's so much more talkative than Miles was at his age too.

He loves looking at faces and he absolutely LOVES to smile! Here he is smiling at my mom:

This baby really likes watching TV. hmmmmm *concentrating very hard*

He can't sit up on his own so I made him a supportive "pouf" if you will. He seemed to like it :)

Nothing Better than a Thomas the Train marathon!

Here he is just a couple weeks old. Always looking around. Nothing is cuter than a baby's wrinkly forehead!

Chillin' on Rachel's lap on Christmas day. almost a month old here.

And here's Eli in real time. Just this week anyway. Cute!!!


  1. Wow! You have some ADORABLE nephews!! Can't wait to see how adorable your kids will be. ;)

  2. Eli looks like your brother a lot!