Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I can't figure out what is up with my body lately.

Last October-November I got Mono.  NOT fun.  But hey, a painless way to lose lose 20 lbs.

Earlier this year it was Shingles.  SHINGLES people, the OLD person virus that even baffled my doctor.

Now I'm having pains around my kidneys, and with everything I've been researching it sounds like kidney stones.  What the heck?  Now I'm downing as much water as I can, taking pain pills and going to stop at Smith's on the way home and get a ton of cranberry juice.  Apparently my body needs to be more "alkaline" whatever that means.

On a happier note, I'm participating in a migraine study for the next six months and taking a new drug.  I'm praying I didn't get a placebo.  Plus I get $50 every time I go in for an appointment.  Woohoo, money!

Ooh, and another happier note, my sister Michelle is pregnant (has been for a while) and I'll have another nephew "Eli" by Thanksgiving.  I love me some babies!

Hmm, not much else going on with life right now.  Still working part time for the Foot Doctor, the YSA rep. calling in church keeping me busy, garden blooming like mad(well, dying now, it's getting colder these days), Just had my 1 year anniversary with Steven (Love you!), and all is well with the world.  I guess.  I can't complain.  Anyway, off to fix the back pain.

Tootles, Bec

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