Sunday, September 05, 2010

Cami & John 9.4.2010

Yesterday my childhood best friend Cami was married. I still remember the day the Leafty's moved in up the street and I went straight up after dinner to play with the "girl", as I called her. We'd spend the next 13 years as eachother's other half. We'd constantly et asked if we were sisters and twins. We were the same height, had the same dark, thick hair and were inseparable.

Being a bridesmaid and helping out with the wedding was so rewarding to be involved watching Cami take this giant step in her life. She looks so happy. Even though she'll now live in Clinton with her new husband and have a life not as much connected with mine, she'll always be my best friend from "up the street".

Rachel and I made the Groom's cake. John loves playing pool so Cami asked us to do something to do with that. After 2 days, our cake came out great and we were so proud to have it be included in an actual wedding! We got lots of compliments.

Steven was my lifesaver for this wedding. He chauffeured me around, did lots of waiting while I was helping with other things and getting beautified, came to the rehearsal and dinner, and was with me the entire day of the wedding. I don't think he complained once!

It was a long week, and I think this picture shows it well :)

If anyone really knows me, they I know I "highly dislike" having to be one of the single girls vying to catch the bouquet. Steven made me go stand in the group though. As in, he forcibly pushed me over to it. Yes I caught the bouquet (for the first time ever), and no I wasn't trying. Cami chucked it right at me after saying she was going for me. We'll see if anything becomes of it.

Congratulations to my old friend, I hope you have a wonderful happy marriage!

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  1. Hmmm I think he wanted you to catch the bouquet for a reason! Not single for loooong! :D