Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roasted Rebecca

I live in an unfinished room that has cement walls.  It's SO hot at night and I avoid being in my room at all costs during the day. What it all sums up to, is that I essentially sleep in an oven. That's some food for thought. :] Only apply that pun if you feel the need.

Today the garden is watered, my hair is washed, I have some shopping to do, work to go to, possibly a wedding reception of a complete stranger, and for the third day in a row, I had a hot dog for breakfast.

Technically not breakfast, because I don't eat breakfast (makes me sick to my stomach to eat early for some reason), but still the first meal of my day.  Though, I did have corn this morning to try and be on the healthy side.

I'm seriously considering taking a picture of my room and showing you it's disaster-ness. I can honestly say my room has never gotten this bad. I have about 5 things to sell that are huge and take up space (One being a wedding dress that Rachel and I found at the D.I. in pristine condition. Yeah, HUGE), unfinished "projects" that will take forever to un-bury, a mountain of clothes that I just can't remember which was the clean "to fold" pile and which was the dirty pile. One fell over onto the other. But per my previous note, I stay out of my room because it's so hot. So really, it's my dad's fault my room is a mess. His fault because my room isn't finished. Well, not really, but I have to slip the blame somewhere.

Work calleth, and I must heed that call. Eat a popsicle and keep cool friends. Stay happy :)

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