Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I need a vacation!

It's been a busy month and it's only the 20th!

Randy and Becky were Married on April 2nd, which happened to be the same weekend as Easter, Michelle's birthday, General Conference, and two family Easter dinners. Then My birthday, Steven's birthday, church meetings, job interviews, optometrist appointments, gardening, and plenty of other things happening that have been keeping me busy!

I've got loads of pictures I need to upload, organize, edit and eventually post, so it will take a while. I'll go in batches to keep myself sane.

I'll start off with Steven's birthday.

Preparation for Steven's birthday started way back in (dare I say it) .....December. See, I had this grand idea to make an 8bit (translation: pixelated) quilted pillow of one of the characters from the video game called "Legend of Zelda". I estimated this project taking a day or so. Silly me, oh SILLY me. What originally started at a CHRISTMAS present, ended up as an April birthday present. Lets just say this thing has become my nemesis.

Long story short, I finished the pillow (with some last minute help from Rachel *THANKYOU*) the morning of April 17th, which happens to be Steven's birthday. Here are some progress pictures and then the final outcome.

My homemade "pattern" of sorts. Maybe I should make copies and sell them? Who knows.

The character is "Link" by the way. Hopefully he is discernible to fellow video game enthusiasts.

Steven and his loot from me. I took a chance and got him an original Zippo lighter with his name engraved on it. Months ago he mentioned he always wanted a Zippo. Hoping he still wanted ones 4-5 months later, I got him one. Lets just say I've created a monster. The three days he's owned it I don't think it's been separated from his body. And when I call I hear the clicking from it in the background. I guess I did good :)

Oh, on Valentine's day I decorated Steven's room (I like decorating ok?) with another "thing" from Legend of Zelda. I made the hearts that show your health in the game, but a life-size version to put at the head of his bed. He thought they were so cool he decided to leave them up.

It's now April and they are still up. I guess he wasn't kidding. Oh well, it gave me a chance to get pictures of them because I forgot to in February. Here's the note underneath:

One of Steven's 3 birthday cards. You know when you just find too many that just "fit" the person's personality? Yeah, that happened this year, so I bought them all! I had a little fun with this one and practicing my calligraphy skills. I LOVE calligraphy!

So, Happy Birthday Steven! I love you to pieces!



  1. Thank you so much Rebecca! You made my birthday great!

  2. I think you two are made for eachother. :) Geek <3

  3. You guys are so cute. Brian liked the link pillow. I think he might be a little
    Perhaps I should have you make a pillow for me for Christmas, but of Brian's fave thing. I can't sew to save my life!

  4. I am jealous too :( you really should make a bunch of those pillows and sell them at comic-con... you could make a killing. oh and toni's right... you too were paired together somewhere in the arcade room in the pre exsitance