Tuesday, April 20, 2010

24 is such a pointless age, wouldn't you say?

Alright, scratch the "daily post" idea. I pulled an all-nighter and did all the photos from my camera but the wedding ones. Next up, my 24th birthday!

If you look carefully at these pictures, you can see my highlights. Yup, one step closer in my goal to one day go completely blonde. Katy Leung did my hair at the hair academy she is attending and did a fabulous job at that! I love my hair and can't wait to go lighter once my roots grow in. I also gave myself more layers and a sweep to change things up a bit.

Oh, and there was cake to be had.

I told Miles that one of the bags that my gift came in, was a hat. So what do you do with a hat? put it on your head, naturally.

Michael is always imitating some weird character. He did several throughout the night, I can't remember which one this was.

Of course I had Steven with me. Isn't he handsome? :D In addition to the flowers and card Steven got me, he gave me Windows 7 as an early birthday gift. A LEGIT copy! No feds taking me to jail THIS year! (for an OS anyway......)

Um....I can't believe I'm posting this, but I thought I'd explain where I get the nickname "mantis". I'd say this picture explains:

Again, Michale doing another "character". Maybe he has multiple personalities and we just don't realize it?

Rachel wrapped all my gifts and had them all coordinate. They were gorgeous. Pink was the theme if you can't tell.

Ah, another picture needing explaining. NO, that's not a giant cigar that Randy is smoking, that is my new rolling pin that happens to look exactly LIKE a cigar. Rachel caught his expression perfectly, don't you think?

Don't worry, I didn't get a box of Chicken pot pies for my birthday, just the big container of oven roasted almonds. I actually asked for those. healthy snacking you know, you should try it sometime...

I thought this picture, despite being blurry, showed off my new cut & highlights.

Ok, enough pictures and talk about me. Once a year you get actual pictures of ME. So, until next year, these will have to last you :)

I had an absolutely GREAT birthday this year. I loved every minute of it. And surprisingly, I don't feel too old!


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