Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lady Loves

Lady Loves:
- The NPS store. I bought a rack of ribs for $5. And a ham for $3. Atkins here I come baby!
- Oh, and I got a 20 oz. Vault (caffeine drink, similar to Mountain Dew) for ten cents. TEN CENTS people. I feel my addiction returning after a good 2+ years of warding it off. Darn cheap prices
- The free dresser I got from Shell last weekend. I FINALLY have a place to put every piece of clothing I own. I'm refinishing it black.
- The warm weather that is starting to peak around the corner.I only have to sleep with my heating blanket on level 6 instead of 10! W00T!
- That for some unknown reason, my blood pressure has gone into "healthy range". I don't have to take meds anymore! I haven't exercised a bit or really changed eating habits. Less stress maybe?
- My job. Although it's only part time and not as much moeny as I could make elsewhere, I get to work with a really awesome boss and Megan. Yeah, you know, cool Megan? That one. She's my only co-worker. Sit there in your jealousy, people. Soak it up.
- Lady Gaga's "Fame" album & Michael Buble's "Crazy Love" album. Good stuff I tell you what.

Lady Loathes:
- That despite 3 days of intense stripping sessions and washings plus 2 rounds of hair dye, my hair is still technically "black". I could so go mod right now. Perhaps I'll post a picture.
- That I've had a fried chicken patty for lunch three days in a row now. I used to hate them; but now that I've had them fried, they are a favorite. I feel my heart winpering as I type.
- Family stress that never seems to dissapate. Come on April 15th!!!!!! (my secret goal date for something big that should help LOTS. I'll post about it later)

Off to orchestra now. I guess i should have been practicing my viola instead of blogging. Oops. Add that to the loathe section.



  1. Are you moving out on your birthday?

  2. Where you moving to?

  3. does this april 15th goal have to do with someone else asking you something? cause that would be exciting... you are in fact the last to join the club

  4. Moving out is the plan. Sorry to burst your bubble Tony :D I remain clubless.

    Most likely somewhere in Taylorsville by my work.

  5. darn... well speaking of that... my brother in law saw the pictures that you took at my wedding and wants to know if you will be the photographer for his wedding this saturday... ( a week from today) he had not really thought about photos till I brought it up... he probably cant pay you but... we will feed you... and you would get to take pictures in my awesome backyard :D ???? let me know... my ph # is still the same 8017124037

  6. update!!!... like.. now!! frick. I go to your blog every day at work, and its always dissappointingly un updated... :(

  7. every day you dont update your blog somewhere in the world a kitten dies...