Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mumsy & Daddykin's 30th Anniversary

December 13th 1979 The Hodgson clan was formed. My parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple 30 years ago. Rachel and I put together a slideshow of pictures from the past 30 years as part of the festivities. Here's a mini version for my blog's sake.

My parent's engagement picture. My dad had a "stash"

My parents went to Maine on their honeymoon (Where my mom was born). They took this picture.

30 years later they went back to Maine with my grandma and Aunt. They took the same picture at the same place without knowing it. I noticed the two when I was putting together the slideshow. Cool coincidence huh?

we all have out crazy sides, my mom's is a bit more pronounced :D

As is my dad's.

Some pictures from their trip to the east.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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