Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Temples & Cake. Mmmm

We made the trip to Daybreak last month for the temple dedication. It was pouring the whole way there. When we pulled up to the parking lot though, it looked like this.

Coincidence? I think not. We were so early that we got to be in one room away from the Celestial room where the first presidency was. When it was over, Pres. Monson came in our room and talked for a bit. It was great!

Afterwards we went outside to get pictures and Elder Wirthlin was there. I barely snapped a shot before he went back in the temple.

Rachel and I are entering a cake contest this month hoping to win some cake decorating supplies. Rachel already finished her cake, and I have yet to start mine. Hers was a Paris theme. Here's one of the pictures of it. Kinda crazy, but the others aren't fit for posting yet.

And here's a hint of what mine will be designed after. Wish me luck, I'll need it!


  1. Hopefully I won't have to edit any chocolate fingerprints off your cake! ;)

  2. um... so.... I totally would LOVE to help you, er, dispose of your cake after you're finished with it. You know... help out... etc. Let me know :D

  3. Don't worry steven, mine is entirely made from pulled sugar. No smudges happenin'.

    Toni, I'll bring it to your house and we will both "dispose" of it properly in an orderly fashion....ahem..... :D