Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too hot, too hot!!! (name that movie, you get a cookie)

Our central air has been broken since the big power outage in Magna last week. It hasn't been such a big deal until today, because we're all home instead of out shopping like yesterday or at church on sunday. I've been sitting in front of my fan on full blast, zombie-like slow movements to prevent any kind of overheating or perspiration, and drinking water by the gallon. At least the ice maker works! Oh, and don't come in my room, or walk past my window, I'm hardly wearing antyhing to reduce body heat :)

I found the BEST deal today! (amazing what you can find with 4 straight hours of internet surfing) Jeans, my size, $20, with a 37" INSEAM! SWEETNESS! Why is this such a big deal you ask? Try finding any type of clothing tall enough for a female 6 feet tall, and then come report your stress levels and findings. Be glad you're not me.

I thought I'd share some findings as I haven't much to ramble about today. Sorry if I've shown these before, I don't keep track really.

Someecards has the best cynical humored cards ever. It's like they read my mind.

So sick of itunes, quicktime, Windows, utorrent UPDATES! My computer is freaking out right now. Is it truly sad that I don't have vista for an OS yet? Heck and windows 7 is out when? Or that I'm still using IE enstead of firefox? I need to go by some RAM. That always makes me feel better. Or a bigger monitor perhaps?

lately watching/reading the news is getting me quite sick of politics. Our government stinks. always some great quotes I steal. Here's one of them:

Ah, 9th ward how I love thee.

I've never seen fight club, though I'd consoder it because Edward Norton is in it and he's quite the hotness of a man. I just really like this quote. It applies to me I think.

K, this next set is a photographer's version of the modern day Disney princess. I loved em. I had the site where I found them, but then lost it to one of the above mentioned unsolicited computer update restarts. So, I'm not sure who did these. I'm not stealing, just sharing.

The whole fam is off to get our temple recommends renewed tonight so we can go to the dedication next month. Plus, now that I think about it, I haven't been there for a LONG time. Who knows if my temple dress even fits anymore. I'm excited fot the Oquirrh temple to be our new assigned one. It's nice and secluded up in Daybreak which is a beautiful area by the mountains. We went to the open house last week while my dad was helping out with the ushering ans stuff. Gorgeous temple inside and out. Kind of small compared to others, but I like it.

Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow with Rachel at 5 Star. Hopefully they have Air conditioning working! I waited to see it becasue I can't stand being in a full theater of kids opening night or several days after. When people laugh uncontrollably at dumb parts, babies crying, or worse yet, CLAP (*punches wall*) I go NUTS!! I think I just don't like being around people in general. Give me an empty theater, no people, silence when it's supposed to be silent and I'll be one happy camper. I'll being going to the first showing to avoid as many people as possible. You're all invited to come with us and to lunch at Subway after! Nevermind that you probably all have to work. Just come.

Off to shower and make some dinner. Potato chip chicken strips to be exact. A new recipe I'm trying out on the siblings and parents. Have a wonderfully air conditioned day!!!

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  1. I shall comment in order of your post. Because I am made of awesome.

    -Ahhh the power outage. Yeah we got hit by that too. Nothing like 8 hours of no power on the HOTTEST day of the year. I had all my food in a cooler with ice. So sad.

    -I LOVE someecards. My family send them back and forth to eachother. Especially the ones about how we messed each other up for life. Funny.

    -Get firefox. Seriously. Just do it.

    -Fightclub is awesome. I will warn you, it has a LOT of swearing in it. Like, if it were on TV you'd hear "bleep bleep the bleep beep out of bleep" but, still an awesome movie that makes you think. And you hear a lot of sex sounds. No actual sex though... I don't think.

    Ok the Snow White with tons of kids and the prince watching his shows made me lol. Good job! :D

    -I wish I could come see HP with you, we won't get to see it for a bit because we have to line up Ben being off, me being off, having money and having a sitter. And that happens like, rarely. its like the planets aligning. Super rare.

    Ok, that was a long comment. Thanks for the update :D