Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bullet upon Bullet

Sorry peeps, but my dad has yet to get my vacation pictures from CA & Vegas vacation. We uploaded them to his FTP server when we were abroad. When I have free time, he's busy, when he's available, I'm gone. I will get them as soon as I can because I want to see them too!

But for now I will update you on my life as of late. In bullets if you don't mind.

  • Last Saturday I went back to dark brown for my hair color. Actually a LOT darker than my natural color. But I like it. Dark hair seems to look and feel healthier.

  • You know how I hate milk? Well, this past weekend, I found out why. BECAUSE MY PARENTS ONLY GAVE ME SKIM (i.e. white water) INSTEAD OF DELECTABLE 2%!!!!!!!!!! I now have 2% milk in cereal, chocolate milk and everything that involves milk. Who knew it could taste so good? I still don't drink it by itself, but I just might be able to go off the daily calcium supplement I've been taking since childhood with how much I've been having milk these days. Why do they even MAKE skim? ewww..

  • I will have a ZERO social life starting end of July. Kristi is moving to Logan for some unknown reason. "change" she calls it. Jocelyn and Ian are moving to Logan so he can get his BA. What's in Loagn that makes everyone want to move there?

  • strike that, Toni just moved to Magna, and Shell is moving back too. Guess I WILL have a social life after all! Still, I hate it when friends move away.

  • I went to Ian's B-day party tonight at pleasant green park. We played volleyball and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. My "recovered" bad knee decided to make an appearance. I am getting really sick of that knee. It's in the Genes though. No way of getting out of it.

  • I'm going to Willard Bay this Saturday. Should be fun. Swimming and such.

  • I still need to see transformers. Half the people say it was great, the other half say it's all Megan Fox strutting for an hour and a half. Oh well, Shia LeBouf is super cute a good actor. I'm going to see it.

  • getting another headache(surprise there), ending the bullet list now. :)



  1. I now live so close to you it's painful. So just come see me, stop being Becca MIA (missing it always!) and you won't be a sad pathetic loser.



  2. ok so... milk? really? you didnt figure out that it was skim milk? ... thats like... a big thing. also.. Cat and I are moving to magna in october too! :D.... What's willard bay?

  3. Tony, where you moving to??? Michelle is moving back in with her rents, so we'll all be close enough to have a bonfire! Yay!

  4. skim milk is real good the best yea. im just a phone call or a email away if you ever want to hang out with your old elem school friend