Monday, February 16, 2009

Singles awareness day

What do two single girls do on Valentines day while their parents are out celebrating their coupleship? Eat every sugary thing in sight of course! It had to be classy mind you. No shoveling raw sugar by the cupfuls. We actually made something that went along with the holiday. And Rachel, don't even get mad at me for posting this. It's 2 days after Valentines, you never post to your blog, and it's my camera anyway. pffft.

What does one do with boring cereal around the house? Make it delectable!

Just a bit o' butter

Some puffy mallows to make you happy,

And some pink to make it festive

Today's treat brought to you by, the cookie cutter hearts pink and red. Couldn't have been done without them

Our amazing creations. Actually, she did most all of it. I just took pictures and ate them.

Two hearts are always better than one

That's mine. Sad little broken heart with no one to love it. Cry for me.


  1. omg I love the red fingernail polish. Very festive. And cute. You SO need to keep updating, yours is my favorite blog to read in the whole world. Yours and Shell's, I like to know my girls are still alive and blogging :D

  2. they are really cool looking! I learned a valuable lesson just now... always read the blog before deciding what the pictures are... I didn’t read that they were rice crispys... I thought you were making heart shaped hamburger patties.... which is cool and all but kinda icky

  3. Don't worry Toni. I don't think I could ever stop blogging. my life isn't interesting enough to keep me doing things otherwise.

    Tony- Rachel and I were CRACKING up when we read your comment. Hamburger? I guess it could work though. Icky? Agreed.

  4. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I never got any of those and it was MY cereal! mean!!!