Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I did it, yes I did.

Guess who got scissor happy today? ME!! I couldn't stand the thickness of my hair anymore. Chop Chop!!!! Ok, so not really chopped, but trimmed 2 inches, thinned beyond belief and and some bangs/sweep for good measure. The sad thing? My hair thinned is still thicker in a ponytail than Rachel's.

Tonight was interesting. I took forever with my hair, and then showered after and it was around 2am. Then while getting ready for bed, my sick mother is upchucking, then my sister calls with a baby with a 103 degree fever wanting to know if she should take him to the ER. CRAZY night. My mom is still sick, but slowly getting better (she's been very sick for 3 weeks now in & out of the hospital) and I've been taking care of her and the house with Rachel. Sometimes you just have busy days.

Two days ago I got to play handy man with my dad. The light socket in my room died and I kind of need light in my room to be able to function. So one trip to Lowe's later, we turned off the power, rewired the socket, installed a new light fixture, and extended the wire to move the light two feet over. Whoever originally installed the light decided the center of the room wasn't a good place for a light. We fixed the confused man's plan. So, now I have a wonderful new light, and an increased knowledge of electrical wiring. I'm so glad my dad knows how to everything :)

Must be off to bed now. I may still be going to an insta care with Michelle tomorrow with her sick little baby. Jocelyn gets married on Thursday! Come to her reception because I'll be there!! She asked me to be at the sign in table to get cards and such. So come talk to me so I won't be bored!!

Enjoy this hilariously true comic.

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