Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have a new favorite song.

Well, not favorite, but I love it, and want to play it in orchestra. It sounds like the most finger knotting(kind of like tongue tied but for your fingers) song and sounds so challenging but awesome! The song is from one of my favorite shows, "The Great Race". Hilarious show that I can never get sick of watching. Henry Mancini is the composer. Also another favorite composer. He wrote "Moon river" for breakfast at Tiffany's as well as the pink panther theme song. Musical genius. It's a goofy fun song and you may think I'm crazy for liking it. Just imagine being a violist/violinist playing this song. Or even the Clarinet, super skills required for that part! Houndbite wouldn't let me embed the song, so you'll have to click HERE to listen.

Here is the clip from the movie with the song in the backround, but you can't hear it as well. I highly recommend getting this movie the library!.


  1. Rachel your fuming mad sister3:30 AM

    I can't belive you!!!! You thieving little no good lier!! I got this movie from the library months ago and then got the Henry Mancini (who happens to be, you may recall, MY fav. composer) cd from the library a week ago and put it on your computer. I told you that the string and ACCORDION part was crazy and fast. OHH you make me so mad, raaaaa oh raaaaa!

  2. I dont care you're banished, banished, banished!!! Im getting, a new, tucker, inner, banished! banished! banished!!!

  3. cat and I just got this from netfilx yesterday... she hadn't seen it before...