Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Craig & Megan 1.17.09

My two good friends Craig and Megan were married last saturday. I've know Craig pretty much my whole life seeing how he lived up the street from me (And Tony) up until Saturday. It was fun seeing them together and I'm happy for them both. It's so fun when two of your friends gets married. no need to have to get used to the new spouse!

Outside the room they had tons of pictures of the couple from birth up to their engagement. I loved the pearls strung around everything.

Josh welcoming everyone in to the reception. I remember when he was born!!!

Cute westen photos. I've always wanted that done!

I loved all the chinese lanterns. Very cute. the ceiling was awesome!

Pretty Megan

RAchel loved the Ceiling and had me take numerous photos. Might as well show them!

I always love when the chairs are covered. Gets rid of the My-reception-is-in-a-gym feel.

Craig & Megan

And of course the cake. It's what I'm always drawn to. Maybe I'll go in the cake business one day.


They killed their car. I would HATE it if i had to drive away in something like that! All in the tradition I suppose.

I don't know how they were going to actually get IN the car when they left.

Well, another two friends onto the marriage bandwagon. Someday it'll be me, but for now, I get to live the fun crazy single life. Oh, I've got Another reception this weekend as well as a bridal shower for Jocelyn who's getting married Feb. 12. Marriage. It's a popular thing these days.

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  1. Hey, Rebecca, I don't have Jocelyn's contact info or anything, but she asked for my address from my brother and said she wanted to send me something in the mail. He gave her my address, but that was a while ago, so I don't know if anything was sent and it got lost in my stupid apartment complex's mailboxes...
    Was I supposed to get an invitation to her wedding by now?